Construction Project management with PMI focus.

At this moment, good practices from the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) are used in many organizations for structuring, execution and closing of diverse projects.

Good practices gathered by this institute have served as a base for companies to achieve strategic objectives through an adequate management of programs and projects that will be executed. Construction sector is no stranger to the application of these standards, moreover when working with budget overruns common denominator, extending of schedules and scope modification, which affect the projects profitability and are redundant in the company’s profit. At Ingenya, we work under this focus.

We have a PMO – Project management office, solid and structured with competent personnel under these practices. Our collaborators are active members of the PMI.

PMO Mission
“Be a PMO that handles a controlled project execution process, integrated by the different knowledge areas, and defining standards, prodecures and standardized tools for project management. This will allow optimum planning, mediation amd control creating value for the company, under the criteria’s of time, cost, scope and quality expected by our customers.”

PMO Vision
“Be a PMO that executes it projects using tehniques and tolos adjusted to the structure achieving that the involved processes (standarization, mediation, control) going hand in hand to be successful in all projects being executed.”

We walk you during the whole project’s life cycle (start, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure) and manage all knowledge areas (integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risks, acquisitions).

Safety First!
We plan our construction projects knowing that occupational safety awareness are required for any task. We have our own programs and processes in terms of occupational safety, as well as qualified personnel to look after safety in every project.