We believe in integrating our client’s requirements into all of our design disciplines.


We implement mission-critical projects without stopping plant operation and minimizing any related risks.


We provide a more flexible and streamlined construction system with less related costs.

Construction strategy matrix

Matrix document separating the conceptual stages of product implementation, from design to application.

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Architectural program

Matrix document defining each physical area of a project and how the various areas interact with each other.

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Design planning

Matrix document assigning a name to each of the physical areas of a design.

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Code analysis

Analysis of compliance with NFPA codes.

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Weak point analysis

An analysis of the blueprints and on-site information to identify weak points that could lead to a halt in the production processes.

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Capacities matrix

Matrix document describing each of the facility’s systems and that allows determining total capacity, current usage and available capacity.

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Saving power and resources

Design focused on saving power and resources, for both new and existing facilities.

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Design of redundant systems

Design criteria wherein a facility’s key components are structured redundantly, so that a failure in a given element will not halt operations.

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S13 industrial information plataform

Software that allows storing and accessing all information related to the physical facilities via the network, displaying graphics and inter-relations.

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